Meet Steven of Art as a Culture

After handling couple of design projects in his state, Steven decided to enter the free market and open his own design studio with his friends in 2013. Art as a Culture offers unique solutions for house design across the East.

The Story

The Goal

Expand the business out of state

Art as a Culture was grooving fast, and all the members of the team realized that they’d need some help in order to grow faster. In 2015 Steven decided to apply for funding.

Experience in Signature Company

  • High-end and fast

    “I called Signature Company, told them what I wanted to do, filled out some paper work, and within a couple days I had the money deposited in my bank account.”  
  • ACH program and Structure

    “We were hesitant at first but their ACH program and payment process made sense. Just like a bank, except much easier to understand.”  
  • Customer Service

    “My overall experience with them was kind, professional and fast. They all strived to get our working capital through in a timely manner.”  

The Result

Extreme growth since the first loan

Steven used his 1st advance of $25,000.00 to improve the equipment and purchase more material. He applied for renewal couple times after and has seen 40% growth since he first began working with Signature Funding. Now Steven enjoys a strong business for years to come.

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