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About Us

Helping small businesses reach their goals

Signature Company is 100% focused on small businesses.

From our first $3 billion loaned, we’ve created an $11 billion impact on the economy and 74,000 jobs nationwide.

Our principles

Signature is a company whose mission is to help small businesses succeed. We are help you significantly speed up small business growth. Small business owners are faced with many challenges on a daily basis. Competition, growth and the economy greatly affect every decision you are faced with. Signature knows the importance of immediacy of funds for small businesses, and offers a range of financing and payment servicing solutions. Our having a strong background in finance and sales gives you the opportunity to rely upon professionals who will provide you with the expertise you need to be successful.

Wise cash

Simplicity and availability
of information

Individual approach to
our customers

Privacy and data


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Ready for Signature Company to make an impact on your business?


Our Leadership Team

Customer Support, Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Customer support
Customer Support, Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor

Customer support
Financial analyst, Zahra Edwards

Zahra Edwards

Financial analyst
Financial Director, Julia Ling

Julia Ling

Financial director
Head of marketing, Joseph Roy

Joseph Roy

Head of marketing
Head of sales, Steve Webber

Steve Webber

Head of sales
Head of underwriting, Anthony Grandi

Anthony Grandi

Head of underwriting
Human resources, Valery Kelley

Valery Kelley

Human resources
Marketing, Anastacia Arden

Anastacia Arden

RND, Maria Cole

Maria Cole

Sales specialist, Sarah Roy

Sarah Roy

Sales specialist
Senior account analyst, Simon Maxwell

Simon Maxwell

Senior account analyst
Why are we doing it?

Why are we doing it?

Located in the heart of New York, and staffed with previous business owners, we understand the dynamics of running your own company. Combined, our experienced staff has worked in the restaurant, medical, and retail industries. With solid background knowledge and compassion for small business growth, we are here to help you sustain and thrive in the business you’ve built. In as little as 72 hours, your business will be provided with the money to cover vital expenses.

We take out the middleman, making what can be a lengthy process into a hassle-free experience. What sets us apart from other companies that provide similar services is our consistency, diligence and promptness. You will always have a dedicated individual to contact, who will walk you through the process and be available for any of your questions and concerns. In other words, you will build along term relations with a company that always client’s orientated and always here to help.

fun employees

Work somewhere that other people think is awesome too.

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