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How a cross fit instructor brought sport community to the new level by moving into new location

How a cross fit instructor brought sport community to the new level by moving into new location


Meet Simon of Big Up Sports

After 10 years of cross fit training, Simon Kingsley was ready to run his own academy.

“I’ve being training since I was 16, and I love to help others. This is a highly disciplined style that builds character and motivates people. You really get to see students change over the years.” — Simon

His Story

The Goal

Making more groups by moving into a bigger space

In autumn 2015, Simon had chance to move his academy into a bigger space. It was larger, newer, and would allow him to add more groups that will expand his business and his influence on sport education. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough resources and banks were not able to back him up in time to sign the lease.

Simon’s Signature Experience

  • Efficient Process

    “After I was declined for cash advance couple of times, and banks were not as fast as I was expecting, I applied with Signature funding and had money for my new lease in less than 48 hours. It was insane.”  
  • Rates and Structure

    “Paying a small stipend back every day meant the repayment would be done in such a short time. I didn’t want to have to worry about it down the road.”  
  • Service and support

    “I like to do business with someone who knows what’s he doing. We all make money every day, and big bills kill small businesses. Signature Company gets that.”  

The Result

More Space More Activity

Despite the fact he was declined for cash advance before, thanks to Signature funding Simon was able to get the best location to expand the amount of people that would love to attend cross fit trainings. And with help of additional Signature Company loans, he’s constantly offering a variety of new programs for the active community of his town.
The place is great. It creates nice impression on anyone who walks in. Signature Funding gave me the funds to repair the space and to breathe new life into the old iron.

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