Meet Joel of BuildersBanker

After building up his career as foreman, Joel Stevens knew he had to break out on his own if he wanted his best ideas in constructing to come to life. So in 2014, he started BuildersBanker, a construction company that helps people not only to build a house with stone and cement, but also to make it cheaper, faster and better.

His Story

The Goal

Maintain more clients by improving equipment

In 2017, Joel and his team decided to spend a month to replace the equipment that they had for better one’s. That task would require additional funds, along with a top notch salesperson to bring in client when it was all done. All of that would be expensive, and wouldn’t show a return for at least 6 months. Banks wouldn’t fund him, and Joel had been declined by other Cash Advance companies before.

Joel’s Signature Experience

  • Clarity at every step

    “We had been declined by every single cash advance company. Signature was great, because they were thinking out of the box. As the result – their programs were always fair and honest.”  
  • Rates and Structure

    “Nobody says that you have to pay the same amount that you have taken. Everything was fair enough in accordance with our plans and possibilities.”  
  • Customer service

    “I was impressed with how experienced everyone was. Working together, we went through each possible variant, considered it all, and got all the details.”  

The Result

3 years ahead

With the help of Signature Company, Joel was able to renovate his business and pushed it forward a lot. This has given BuildersBanker a leg up on the competition, and put them in a prime position to generate more business and more revenue.

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