Article Summary: There is a big problem that B2B organizations are facing right now – lack of sales efficiency and sales motivation. Most business owners blame nowadays sales reps because they can’t close, but there are failures in how we are training our stuff for success and creating the vibe in which they can take on. How to create a successful sales team?
Here is a framework that will help to transform sales performance into the right direction:
  1. Determine your sales environment and hire to it. The success of your sales team depends on people that working in it. There is no way to define a perfect sales culture, because not everybody is going to be a star of sales. However, that’s the magic of sales. Not everyone needs to the wall street wolf if you hire right specialist, create the right culture and build an effective sales team. With the right approach, good mentor and appropriate environment anyone can take on modern sales. If you do those things and lead by example, the culture will come together and your team will perform better as a unit.
  2. Set up your sales process. Many organizations leave the process up to individual representatives, letting their best and poor performers run the business, with can lead to incoherent result. The best way to organize the process is to define that process. Create the workflow and measure the efficiency between each of them.
  3. Encourage right competition. The reality is that not everybody is going to take the first place. Someone is going to win and someone is going to lose. So the biggest earners in a sales companies get rewarded. According to to recent researches that could be the best sales motivation. You can see them with a big commission paycheck. But when you’re rewarding these people, does that create an environment of co-operation? A lot of the time it doesn’t. It fosters competition between team members and you need to get creative in order to bring that co-operative element into it. Instead of basing it simply on who brings in the most revenue, another way to look at it is to create broader goals across functions in your organization. It will you to create a healthy form of competition.
Doing these things puts you in a position to work on this high-performance culture which will change over time as your company grows, and new personnel come in. It’s something you’ll always need to work on.
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