Article Summary: The new economic landscape induces small businesses to be more creative and out of the box when it comes to financing. Small businesses have been the key driver for the economic recovery, however it requires additional funds for hiring, which can become a trouble. 3 ways to get funds for your business
When it comes to funding there’s no best or worst ways. It depends on your model, plans, and what you can offer to potential financial partners. At any point of your business whether it’s a start up or you’ve been on the market for a couple of years already, you have to be flexible and stay watchful in your efforts. Here we are going to name some ways to get started with a small business:
  • Small business cash advance loans. Sometimes it seems that the only trustable way to get the money is to go to the bank. But what if you don’t have any credit? At that point you can even go Google and make some researches on companies that specialized in helping small businesses get some working capital (eg. cash advance, loans). Seeking any type of capital can be a full time job in itself which is why companies like Signature Funding can be a great way to take the leg work out of it. Another positive side of the coin that you aren’t giving away a piece of your business when you are taking a merchant cash advance.
  • Do it by yourself. Small business owners these days have come to the realization that they will have to self-fund their projects for a significant amount of time until they get an access to another ways of findings. There are many possible ways how you can accomplish this from savings accounts and zero interest credit cards to leveraging other personal assets. If you believe in your business model and have no doubts that you not going to fail, you should feel comfortable investing you own money into the business.
  • Close environment. Getting working capital from your friends and family is very popular and at some point pretty effective, plus they definitely believe in your plan and vision of the business. One minus – you are potentially mixing your personal relationships with the business that could lead to a fail in your agreement structure. To avoid being “fools” we would suggest structuring this type of funding as a high interest loan for one year. No matter which way you will choose, there’s a chance that with will go though each and every step at some point as your business grows. So find an appropriate funding solution that also allows you to maintain operations and focus on profitability.
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